Workshop on Risk Management / bizSAFE and SGSecure (SDU)


Price $342.40 (incl. GST) I 8 Hours 

In-house training is available for this course. For more details, please drop us an email at or call 67779906

The Ministry of Manpower and the Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC), have enhanced the risk management framework ‘Risk Management 2.0’ (RM 2.0) which includes the updating of the Code of Practice on WSH Risk Management to put more focus on Risk Evaluation for Health Hazards.

SGSecure is our community’s response to the terror threat. It is a national movement to sensitise, train and mobilise the community, including workplaces, to play a part in preventing and dealing with a terrorist attack. It is a call to action for everyone to unite and safeguard our way of life.

Starting from 26 September 2017 onwards, bizSAFE enterprises are to include SGSecure elements into their bizSAFE programme for bizSAFE application, implementation and renewal. bizSAFE enterprises are required to be able to identify potential workplace terror threats, and manage these threats in their Risk Management (RM) Implementation Plans.

  • Review of Risk Assessment and Management
  • Overview of Total Workplace Safety and Health
  • Risk Management 2.0
  • Inventory of Work Activities/Hazard Identification
  • Health-Related WSH Regulations and Requirements
  • Risk Evaluation/Control Measures
  • Overview of SGSecure in the Workplace
  • SGSecure Risk Assessment / bizSAFE Requirements

Top Management, Managers, Supervisors and Safety Professionals who are interested to learn how to incorporate SGSecure into Risk Management (preferably those who have completed the WSQ Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan course).